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  Make Some Noise & Raise Some Hell  

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Seattle's Best


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Ah, the dark days of high school when you attempted to form a band of misfits, only to be foiled by the sheer incompetence of your so-called friends and their utter inability to master a single note.

Fear not, for the dream has not been mercilessly slaughtered at the hands of those talentless buffoons! We exist to resuscitate the nearly lifeless hopes of your musical aspirations.

Rise, vindicate yourself, and show your friends the missed chance to bask in your greatness. The stage beckons, but it is incomplete - only your presence can fill the void.

And for those friends of yours with hidden talents lurking in the shadows, why not wickedly thrust them into the spotlight by surprise? Unleash the unsuspecting virtuoso within them!

Simply select a tune, acquire the lyrics, and choose a package to drag your comrades along for this electrifying journey...

90's Punk Rock Karaoke
Breakdown & Song Passes

Guest List: $5 General Admission

Scream along with friends or watch as others either rock the stage or stumble in style!

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow: $30
1 Song + PBR & Shot + Entry + 1 Guest List

Select your song, slam a beer and rally your most loyal fan for support!

One Hit Wonder: $20
1 Song + Entry + 1 PBR

Put Up or Shut Up! Chose a tune, belt it out & earn your entry!

Overnight Sensation: $40
1 Song + PBR & Shot + Entry + 3 Guest List

Flex for your fans...Choose your punk hymn, grab some liquid guts & schlep your threesome of devotees to bask in your glory!

Upcoming Performances

The Off-Kilter Commandments

Set Structure

​Three sets, each with seven songs.

  • 9:00-9:45 PM

(15 Minute Break)

  • 10:00-10:45 PM

(15 Minute Break)

  • 11:00-11:45 PM

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Memorize the lyrics, as there's no teleprompter to aid you. Lyrics and links can be found on this page. A lyric sheet will be available, but act like a pro!

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Keep hands off the band members, host, and equipment. Singers may invite a friend to help, but uninvited singers aren't welcome. Remember, "Don't be a Dick."

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Arrive 30 minutes before your song's set list. Latecomers risk losing their song to the first person to tip the band or the host will jump behind the mic!


Set List | Songs | Lyrics
Saturday Aug. 19.

Set Lis
Image by Jon Tyson

SET 2 10pm Start

Image by Aditya Vyas

SET 3 11pm Start

Meet The Band
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