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The NekroTiki Experience

The NekroTiki Experience

The NekroTiki Experience

Like a Moth to the Flame We’re Calling All Paranormal Fanatics to our Dark, Dank, Denver BASEMENT VAULT! 

Redeemable anytime in 2022 & 2023. Visit Hell or High Water Tiki (during business hours) and Sip Spirits with Spirits in The Basements Haunted Vault. 


“The vault was hidden behind a brick wall, and you had to slide down a secret trap door from upstairs to enter the narrow hallway that led to the vault door. The vault had been sealed for decades when the Blake Street Vault owners renovated the building. They tore down the brick wall, struggled for weeks to determine the combination of the lock, and finally opened the heavy door to reveal a nearly empty vault, save for a few legal documents dating to around the turn of the century.

They traced their fingers over the walls of the sealed room and discovered fingernail marks, hundreds of grooves clearly marked by a person’s four fingers, all over the ceiling and top of the walls in the vault. It’s believed someone may have been trying to rob the vault, were caught in the act and locked in until their demise.”


Includes (for up to 2 people)

  • Priority Reservations (2 days notice required)
  • Two single cocktails or one two-person sharable to be consumed

      in the vault. 

  • x1 - $50 Gift Certificate redeemable on any items offered by Hell or High Water Tiki.
  • x1 HHWT Themed Goodie bag including - One shirt or tank, two enamel pins, stickers & swizzle sticks.
  • Your Name(s) will be added to our “Drinking with the Dead”  NekroTiki Wall.


Include Shirt Style & Size Selection in "customize portion of order"


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