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The Captain and Crew Cutthroat Lifeboat VIP

The Captain and Crew Cutthroat Lifeboat VIP

A four-top table with a velvet print of your choice hung next to it. This life-saving vessel can be commandeered without notice at any time during business hours from any band of existing patrons, regardless of what flag they fly. Imagine your very own lifeboat of hospitality and repose whenever the high seas of life are causing mere mortals to become maudlin mutineers.


x4 - Pirate hats that must be worn as the requisition is taking place.

  • Everything from the Pier Pressure Package

  • Automatic Entry into the NekroTiki Club

  • Vault Privileges (TBD)

  • 15% Off Discount For Life (or Death)

Include Shirt Style & Size Selection in "customize portion of order"


*Please contact us before purchasing to discuss payment. ( or on Instagram)

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