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I'm The Captain Now Solo Vip Chair

I'm The Captain Now Solo Vip Chair

(Only 3 Available)

I’m the Captain Now Solo VIP: Your very own Captain Phillips-inspired chair – a barstool with your name on it which will stand at the ready to rescue your forsaken ass during all business hours. This coveted piece of belly-up real estate can be commandeered at any time, from any occupying patron, without prior notice


x1 - Pirate hat that must be worn when the requisition is taking place.

x1 - Everything from the Davey Jones Shiny Gold Dagger Package for 2

x1 - The option of a Cocktail being consumed in the basement's Haunted     Vault, followed by your name being added to our  “Drinking w/ our Demons” NekroTiki Club Wall.

    - 15% Off Discount For Life (or Death)


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